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Where Your Treasure Is


On the morning before her twenty-fifth birthday, heiress Winifred de la Coeur  goes to the Royal Empire Bank to withdraw her mother's fabulous Indian necklace. Court Furor is headed the same way,  driving a cab full of thugs hellbent on collecting a card debt from one of the bank's employees. When the paths of an unfulfilled spinster and a  down-on-his-luck prizefighter cross, their lives and those of their families and friends change forever.

"The central love story is powerful enough to carry the work, but its subplots are equally compelling, featuring the struggles of other characters to sustain unconventional love amid societal scrutiny...The story addresses issues of poverty, women’s rights, and homophobia directly, confronting hypocrisy and social stigma that can trap people in untenable circumstances." Kirkus Reviews

A book for lovers of romance and Victorian England with as many plot twists as the streets of old London, Where Your Treasure Is shows the power of love and friendship to transform  the lives of the lonely and luckless.


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