Where Your Treasure Is


On the morning before her twenty-fifth birthday, heiress Winifred de la Coeur  goes to the Royal Empire Bank to withdraw her mother's fabulous Indian necklace. Court Furor is headed the same way,  driving a cab full of thugs hellbent on collecting a card debt from one of the bank's employees. When the paths of an unfulfilled spinster and a  down-on-his-luck prizefighter cross, their lives and those of their families and friends change forever.

A book for lovers of romance and Victorian England with as many plot twists as the streets of old London, Where Your Treasure Is shows the power of love and friendship to transform  the lives of the lonely and luckless.


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Time's Promise


On the eve of World War I, Edward Greystone and Tarquin Norwood struggle to face an uncertain future. Edward cannot marry the woman he loves and is haunted by a father he has never met. Tarquin is resigned to caring for his disabled sister, though her needs threaten to consume his life. Each young man embarks on his own pursuit of happiness. The path is strewn with casualties, and one in particular threatens to break their hearts and destroy their friendship.

Time's Promise continues the story that began in Where Your Treasure Is, bringing back characters and introducing a new generation. No matter how bleak the present is, Time's Promise is about those dare to love when the world seems darkest, and who refuse to let the past determine their future.

The Desired

Cousins Desiree Merton and James Anderson  face a day of reckoning after a six-year estrangement following her husband's fatal accident. A former pin-up girl and B-movie bombshell "who has bombed" Desiree grapples with middle age, an empty nest, and fraught relationships with the men in her life. One-time pop star and classical composer James faces his own battle with cancer, his children, and a heart whose deepest longing has never been satisfied.

The Desired examines the interwoven lives of four generations of Andersons, Mosebys, and characters from Where Your Treasure Is and Time's Promise. Spanning the years after World War II through 1989, The Desired is a story of betrayal and family secrets, love among the ruins, and hope.

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The Love Child


Desiree Moseby is different from other children in her post-World War II London neighborhood but can't understand why. It's not because her father didn't come back from the war.  Her mother's absences only deepen the mystery. Desiree takes refuge from her troubles among the residents of the house on Honey Street, but learns that even there, nothing is what it seems.

The Love Child, an interlude between Time's Promise and The Desired, begins in the years following World War II and continues the story of the Mosebys and the Andersons.

The Love Child